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Today I’m introducing you to one of my furry favourites in the world of succulents.

This guy I grow in my garden, so you might have seen him before when I post about my balcony garden, but I’ve never zoomed into him this much.

Isn’t he crazy furry? 


Kalanchoe Tomentosa

Genus: Kalanchoe | Family: Crassulaceae

Isn’t the wonderful world of succulents amazing? Who would have thought that it included something furry and exotic like this Kalanchoe? I’m fairly late to the Kalanchoe game, I’ll admit, so I’m catching up fast!

This is also fondly known as the Panda Plant. No prizes there. Once you stroke it, you’ll understand. It’s native to Madagascar (which makes me want to visit even more) and it’s just an all around lovely variety. 

I leave mine out on the balcony garden in an mostly under cover area. Just a bit of water once a week and easy peasy - it’s doing fantastic. A very hardy fellow who’s grown quite tall, and quite fast over the winter. 

Come see some more of Kalanchoe Tomentosa being grown and styled on this Pinterest board - I particularly love this bouquet!

Wedding Flowers for Ada & Tim

I know I’ve been teasing you guys quite a bit with some sneaky pics here and there on Instagram and Facebook about some flowers I styled and arranged for a recent wedding.

But the wait is over! The photos have arrived and these are my absolute favourites from the collection.


Ada wanted her bouquet palette to feature apricots, pinks and periwinkle blue. We used a Pinterest board to get some inspiration insight along the way and she joined me on a trip to the markets where I got to better understand what her floral preferences were. 

Roses, ornamental kale and lamb’s ears were her must haves. Peonies were on the top of her list too but unfortunately it was too early in the season so I mixed it up with different sized roses and some delicate pink chrysanthemums. 


I created a bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaid bouquets, 1 bridal posy to throw away, 8 boutonnières for the groom, groomsmen and both pairs of parents, and 21 lots of 3 posies for glass jars as table centrepieces for the reception.

It was a magnificent day and I love it when the entire bridal party is all smiles over the bouquets - it makes my heart swell! 


Image credit: Ann Marie Yuen Photography

Photo Diary: Canada 1

And here we goooooo!

The Canada Diaries, part 1 of… several.

Following our time in San Francisco, we headed to Calgary in Alberta, Canada before coming back home. This has been something we’ve been wanting to do for so long. Our dear friend Westie lives there, we met her during our awesome year in Paris. Fast forward five years and we decided to make a trip out of it. We’d already be in North America, so I suggested that we just do it!


So you know those typical romantic chase airport scenes?

Envision that but at the arrivals gate: there’s the two of us arriving looking for our friend Westie… we see her wave as we starting moving towards the exit… I stop for a few seconds to put something in my handbag but it takes a few seconds longer than expect so it feels like minutes… we proceed to the exit, get out and we can’t see her. She’s not where she was a minute ago! And then out of nowhere.. AHHHHH!!!!!! She runs over to us from the far right and we embrace like crazy kids. EVERYONE is watching. We’re hugging and laughing and screaming and tearing up. It’s emotional insanity but in a good way. I’d like to think that we warmed some of the spectators’ hearts :)

It was just so nice to reunite with a good friend after a long time apart. Five years is the longest that I’ve endured. It’s not nice but it does make you cherish the time together even more. 


We spent the day around Calgary. It’s a neat city and the weather was utterly perfect.

Next time, I’d love to visit when the Calgary Stampede is on, it’s this massive rodeo and festival that happens every July and the town goes crazy. I’ve heard the chickens are let loose wearing mini cowboy hats, on all the streets! Okay maybe a slight exaggeration there… but I’ve heard from so many people how epic it is, imagine how fun it would be!

So sans-Stampede, we explored the city and walked around Bow River which was really relaxing. I fell in love with the trees and colours with the closing of summer. I thought it was picture perfect… but boy was I going to be surprised in a matter of days - this was just the start!

Hello Banff!


Calgary is approx 1.5hrs drive from the Canadian Rockies, so we hired a car and drove out on the second day. 

Pro tip: if you hire a car in Canada, make sure the primary driver is also the same cardholder of a proper credit card (not a debit mastercard). We found this out the hard way but I think it was a blessing in disguise. I ended up driving the entire trip, and racked up more than 1,000km on the ‘wrong’ side of the road for the first time. But I would do it again because the drives were insanely scenic!

Banff is one of your small and cute tourist towns, it’s great for snow sports in the winter and hiking in the summer. Luckily for us we were over there during late summer and it was still warm enough for us to wear tees and shorts during the day. 

We visited Bow Falls, a tiny waterfall that runs off the main Bow River:


We conquered our first hike in Canada - the Tunnel Mountain hike which took approx 2.5 hours. This was a pretty easy one and in retrospect, I’m glad it was our first. It was a good baseline hike to start with and it delivered panoramic views of Banff at the top.


I hope you enjoyed the highlights from the first two days of our Canadian trip. Trying to be super curated with the photos is so difficult but I have to since I took way too many - so these were my absolute favourites!

Expect to see some beautiful lakes in the next one that will be up next week! :)