Wacom Tablet Giveaway with Pen & Peplum

Yay, it’s finally time to let the party begin!

If you caught my sneaky ‘ps’ message at the end of yesterday’s post, good on ya. It’s giveaway time boys and girls and this one is a killer!


We’re giving away a new Wacom Intuos Pen + Touch Tablet - woo!!

I personally own a Wacom tablet and it’s fantastic. I haven’t had it for too long but it’s an incredibly useful tool to have. They will certainly make any creative’s job easier digitally and here’s your chance to win one!

So what’s the occasion? The talented Miranti behind Sydney-based blog and shop Pen and Peplum is celebrating her birthday this week! I originally met her via last year’s Problogger event and we’ve caught up several times since then and she is awesome and inspiring. #anotherreasonwhyIloveblogging

I’m grateful to be a part of a group of fellow wonderful bloggers and creatives she’s gathered to be involved in this super giveaway to celebrate her birthday!

Do make sure you check out the fellow bloggers involved, there are so many talented people on this list. I’m going a bit red-faced whilst I’m typing this, thank you for including me on this list Miranti… aaaahhh!


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How to enter…

The giveaway will run for two weeks until midnight on the 12th August 2014 (AEST).

It is open to international readers!

You enter by using the widget below. Once you submit your first entry, many (many!) more will pop up. You can choose to enter once or multiple times - the more you enter, the more chances of winning!

Once the giveaway ends, a winner will be chosen at random and will be contacted for further details.

Good luck everyone, and happy birthday Miranti, here’s to a wonderful new creative year ahead girl!

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A Poppy Kitchen Tea

flower bouquet

Hello everyone! I’ve been feeling like I’ve been accidentally taking a pause from the blog, but seriously my calendar has just been insane the past few weeks!

There’s been quite a few things on and I’ve had to spend a lot of time off the computer but never fear, I’ve got a pile of things to finally share with you all. To kick things off, here’s what I got up to just this past weekend.

A good friend of mine that I originally met from earlier high school days is getting married at the end of August - this will officially be my second wedding ever! And also the second time that I’ll be involved in doing all the flowers for the event too, how exciting right?

sandwicheskitchen tea

In the lead up to the special event, our mutual friend and bridesmaid organised this extravagant ‘kitchen tea’ event for 25-30 people. I’ll admit that it’s the first one of these kind of things that I’ve ever been to.

We booked out one of the seated areas of Wentworth Common in Homebush and I lent my hand in helping craft the event by doing the floral table arrangements!

This took up the bulk of the Saturday and did I go to town with it! It’s so therapeutic and seriously a great deal of fun in solitude. Imagine just me, going flower crazy, with Gareth keeping me “company” on the couch, sucked into his laptop screen for most of the day…

kitchen tea flower arrangementskitchen tea flowers

I ended up going with a dainty and girly colourful look, using primary hues of pinks, yellows and orange and balanced out with the routine green and white.

Using daisies and poppies as the main feature flowers, I also added in bursts of pink tulips and roses, craspedias (aka billy buttons) and two varieties of wax flowers. The latter has become my new favourite bouquet filler - plus they smell absolutely divine!

kitchen tea set upnibbles

Our friend did an amazing job at cooking most of the food available on the day and preparing the entire event. I can’t wait to see her make this into her dream job one day! #youcandoitgirl

flower arrangement close upcupcakes

What a weekend! I feel like this was just the entrée…… in a month’s time I’ll be doing all 51 reception table arrangements + 5 bridal bouquets + a handful of boutonnières…. crazy!! Thankfully, I’ll have some helping hands. I can’t wait :)

PS. In the meantime, stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post. It’s going to be an EPIC giveaway that I’m involved with a bunch of other crazy cool bloggers. The prize is something that I also own and use as a ‘creative’, so watch out for it!

Micro / Macro | 01

I’m really excited to share this new series with you all tonight! This is something that I’ve been brewing up for a while now and it combines two of my favourite hobbies: growing things and macro plant photography.

I’ve penned the new series Micro / Macro, where I feature the beautiful delicacy of mother nature, zoomed in and out. I am always in awe of how fine and superb plants are, when you look up close, you’ll notice the intricate details, the tiny hairs… it’s amazing. This series will allow me to share the wonder I have for plants with you, as well as giving me an opportunity to improve my photography!

So here goes, the inaugural post of the series is kicked off with the lovely jacaranda plant:


Genus: Jacaranda | Family: Bignoniaceae

The jacaranda is known for it’s stunning purple-blue foliage that blooms in late Spring/early Summer. I was surprised to learn that it’s actually native to Central and South America.

This seedling originally gifted from a colleague, has been under my care for a few months now. It’s been going on strong since I transplanted it, much to my surprise. I’ve been so mesmerised by the tenderness of its new leaf growth every few weeks. You can’t blame me for not being able to resist taking photos of it before it had the chance to unfurl, right? :)

I hope you enjoyed the first post of Micro / Macro! Don’t be afraid to let me know if there’s a particular plant you’d like me to feature, I’ll do my best to find it.

Have a great start of the week everyone! x Helen

Growing Your Own Potatoes

If you’ve been reading my past few garden updates, you’ve probably noticed that I’m attempting to grow some potatoes!

This is the first time I’ve tried this, so it’s been a great learning experience so far. I started by doing some online research to understand how to get started. It turns out that it’s pretty easy. You need to find yourself some ‘seed potatoes’, which are essentially potatoes that have ‘eyes’ (i.e. they’ve started to sprout tubes) and are certified disease-free.

I recommend purchasing seed potatoes from my favourite Aussie online seller, Green Harvest, or you can try letting your standard potatoes ‘go to seed’ naturally.

seed potatoes

I decided to try the latter option because it’s more exciting! I purchased a few small organic Kipfler potatoes from the Marrickville food market and let them seed.

You’ll notice when they’re seeding when they look uber deformed and wart-like. From memory, this took around a month, but I also got a bit lazy and could have certainly planted them out a bit sooner than I did.

seed potatoes

Once you have these visible sprouted ‘eyes’, you can plant them out. It appears you can do this in two ways: either plant the potato whole into the ground or slice the eyes off as pieces and just plant the eyes.

I chose to go the former and planted them whole in a large container. Plant them around 10-20cm deep - I recommend if the larger the size, the deeper they should go - and 20cm apart from each other.

seed potatoes

Now you can pile the soil back over the potatoes and water in. Make sure you don’t fill the container completely with soil to the brim - I’ll explain why below.

growing potatoes

You’ll notice that the potatoes will begin to sprout and shoot out leaves quite fast. Once this happens and there is visible foliage above the soil, begin piling more soil to cover the foliage.

By piling more earth over the plant, you create a sort of mound burying the leaf growth and minimising sun exposure. This reduces the potential of producing toxic ‘green’ potatoes due to sun overexposure.

Continue doing this as it keeps sprouting, the more you bury into the soil the better. Eventually you’ll run out of container room for more soil, at which point just leave it be and let it go wild!

growing potatoes

That’s where I am now with my potato growing! It’s still growing more leaves. I water it in well about once a week and I keep it where it can get some partial sun in the mornings.

It looks to be doing really well so far, look at how green it is! I hope this is a good sign.

Apparently now I just let it grow out and it will eventually the leaves will wilt and die off. Once this happens, it’s a sign that I can begin foraging for new potatoes beneath the soil.

I can’t wait to see how it goes. I’ll blog about this when I get to that stage and hopefully have a whole load of homegrown Kipfler potatoes. Fingers crossed! 

Have any of you tried growing your own potatoes? I’d love to hear how you went!