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Floral Mania

I’m feeling a tad bit of pain at the edge of my throat again, which is not amusing at all considering I’d just recovered from a flu and tonsil infection in a row across the course of 1.5 months. It’s earlier bed times and more fruit & vegies for me I say. I’m still well enough to concentrate and go to work and do the usual things which is good. Which is also great because too many things have been delivered to work these days!

For one thing, one of my younger sisters is addicted to ebay. Lets not point fingers as to who is to blame for instigating that one. The underlying problem here is that she doesn’t want mum finding out about it, so I played nice and said she could get it delivered to my workplace. And she does. Under her name. Total total fail.

So I’ve been collecting a bunch of stuff for her recently, when today a package finally came for me that I had actually ordered! It’s the one that I put in not long ago on Boohoo. I’m going to try them on later and see how they fit. It’s the first time ordering from them too, so very excited. You can probably tell I got a bit too excited with the flower power too, right? :)

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