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To Market, To Market

I know this is a bit last minute but hey, better late than never!

There are two awesome markets on this weekend, both of which I don’t think I’ll end up going to which is unfortunate:

1. Eveleigh Artisans Market

Never been to this one before, but “unique gifts, art, jewellery and independent design” sounds like my kind of thing. Has anyone been to this before, and know how often it is held? It’s free and on this Sunday at 243 Wilson Street in Eveleigh.

2. Finders Keepers A/W

Now this one I’ve been to several times, as an attendee and a vounteer - they’re on twice a year and the buzz when you’re there is very colourful and crafty. This is also held in Eveleigh at 245 Wilson Street inside Carriageworks. It’s on from 6-10pm tomorrow (Friday) and the Saturday 10am-5pm. There’s live local acts that help set the vibe, and always an abundance of different things on sale and things to make and play with.

Will anyone be going to either or both? Would love to hear about either of them if you do!

Image credits: Timeout SydneyFinders Keepers

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