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Beanie Time

This has been something for me to do since the start of winter! Ever since I picked up my knitting needles this season, I’ve been mainly doing scarves. They’re fun but I feel like expanding my skills. Some recent jaunts to Morris & Sons and Lincraft has left me inspired with all the yarn I could play with (if I had infinite amount of spare time) !

Have you heard about how cold it is in Sydney these days? It’s absolutely freezing in the early mornings and late evenings. I’m also not very well suited to cold temperatures, so I tend to easily get cold-induced headaches when it’s too cold and/or windy.

This is when I had my lightbulb moment: I needed a stylish beanie!

And so here is my work in progress. I started with a seed stitch for the hem detail, and now just plain knit all the way up towards a rounded top. I also want to eventually add some flaps on either side to keep my ears warm, and maybe some round mousey ears up on top…

Yay or nay? Would adding some ears to the beanie make it look too childish, or hipster cute? :) I’m still undecided!

PS. Been also teaching the boy how to knit. He’s doing great! Only pain point is that he can’t use his fingers to keep a hold of the tension of the loose thread…

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