Happy Cloudy Halloween!

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Happy (early) Halloween everyone!!

I can’t believe it’s the end of October already! Normally I’m not a huge fan of this time of the year. This is because where my parents and sisters live, (before I moved out of home), Halloween always equated to really annoying young and old kids knocking on the door every few minutes. Back when I was still studying at university, this would be final exams time too, so you can imagine it annoyed me to no end. These days however, living in a flat means a low chance of trick o’ treaters. Working full time also means work Halloween drinks/party!

Have you or are you dressing up for a Halloween this year? Normally I’m not very inspired to go as anything in particular but this time around, I’d been waiting for THE moment to try out this tutorial to make a cloud since seeing it a few months ago. It then made even more sense when I saw this other tutorial that used the same cloud tutorial for a kid’s costume - I thought this is it, it’s clearly obvious that the universe is telling me something: I’m going to make my own adult cloud costume for Halloween! In a geeky fashion, it also coincidently fitted in with my workplace and products - think cloud computing! ;)



If you’re interested in how I made my costume, here is what I did, adapted from the tutorials I found. Keep in mind you’d need to plan ahead to factor in at least two days of drying time for the papier mâché.

What you’ll need:

flour, water, newspaper, balloons, double sided sticky tape, cotton/polyyester stuffing, glue adhesive spray


1. Blow up several balloons, approx. 7-9 depending on your body size

2. Using some double sided sticky tape, try to form the shape of your cloud by sticking the balloons together.


3. Mix together flour and water. Note that the more flour you use, the stronger the papier mâché will be.


4. Tear the newspaper into thick long strips and dip it into the mixture. Remove excess paste as you lift the newspaper out of the bowl. Smooth the newspaper strip across the balloons to form a skin.

5. Continue adding more strips and overlaying them on the balloons, being careful to layer up in areas where the balloons join up.

6. Completely coover the top half that is facing up with newspaper, and leave to dry over night.


7. The following day, once dry, turn the entire balloon structure upside down to do the same to the uncovered half. Leave to dry over night.


8. The following day, once dry, cut open an opening on the top for the head. 

9. Cut another opening on the base to fit your torso and shoulders. Burst the balloons inside whilst you’re at it and remove the inside gunk.

10. Test to see if the papier mâché fits over your body and head. If it doesn’t, continue cutting the holes to make them larger until it fits.

11. Cut a smaller opening on either side as armholes. Again, test to see if it fits.

12. Use the spray adhesive to spray glue onto the papier mâché and stick bits of stuffing onto it. Continue this until the surface is completely covered with stuffing and no newspaper can be seen! 


Recommendation: to avoid being naked whilst wearing this costume, I wore a dark coloured singlet top and a pair of nebula space leggings to complement the look!

I hope you liked my tutorial and good luck floating around! :) 

Image credits: huge thanks to Tash Keuneman for the photos of me in the cloud!

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