Get Crafty! | June 2014


It’s gearing up to a long weekend here in Sydney, what will you guys be up to? I’ve gathered some really awesome ideas that should inspire you to get all crafty and creative. Heck, I’ve already bookmarked these myself!

I think it’s also soon to be Father’s Day in the US? I’ve never known why these type of celebratory days differ around the world. For example, in Australia, it’s not until the end of August! In any case, I’ve sneaked in a few great gift ideas for dad too if you’re one of my lovely US readers - hello!

From top left corner, going clockwise:

1 | Amigurumi elephant

2 | Votive candles

3 | Bedside bench

4 | Rosemary & mint shaving cream

5 | Paper magnolia blossoms

6 | No sew iPad case

7 | Flower jewellery geometric bracelet

8 | Skinny ties

I’m delighted at finding that shaving cream recipe, you could totally use it as a woman too! Oh and PS - I also noticed a bit of a pinkish-blue colour palette going on up there, completely coincidental :)

Happy weekend y’all!

x Helen

Fox Crochet Inspiration

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things in the world of crochet, in particular amigurumi - which pretty much translates to stuffed crochet doll in Japanese! 

There have been a few things on my to make list, foxes included. A friend of mine, Tash, celebrated her recent birthday and she is one foxy lady so I gifted her a mini fox she could call her own:

fox crochet amigurumi

It took me a little while to find a fox amigurumi pattern amongst all the ones out there on Etsy, Pinterest, Craftsy, Ravelry… there’s so many and they all have a different look to them but I eventually settled on this pattern by Spool of Sunshine.

It’s a very simple pattern as long as you can recognise sc from ch and dec. Yep, dead simple for you seasoned crochet masters. With the one I made, I substituted black felt stuck on with super glue, instead of using buttons for the eyes.

Given I’ve already trawled the web for cute fox crochet patterns, I thought it would be a great idea to share my favourite finds with you. And check out that foxy beanie at no. 5, how adorable is it??! I couldn’t resist throwing that in even though technically it’s not amigurumi…. shhhh!


1 | Lisa the fox by Pepika

2 | Fox amigurumi by Lisa Eberhat on Ravelry

3 | Crochet fox on Craftsy

4 | Fox ornament on Red Heart

5 | Sly fox hat by GoodKnits

6 | Amigurumi fox by Spool of Sunshine - this is the one I made!

Which one’s your favourite? Happy crocheting!

DIY Rose Heart Wreath for Bedsidedesign

heart rose wreath diy

Hey guys! Hope your week’s going well. I just wanted to share a recent DIY I created for Christie of Bedsidedesign (a blog with a triple-threat portmanteau? Killer).

I decided to make this cute door brightener that anyone can whip up in a few minutes. All you need are some mini paper roses and blue tack. Optional glitter spray if you want the added pizzaz, of course. 

Since making this wreath, I’ve now got it sitting pretty right on the front door of my apartment. It brings a big fat smile on my face whenever I arrive at it coming home from work. Gareth thinks otherwise - which makes it even funnier.

So awesome, I love it so much! I secretly have an urge now to create similar ones to decorate all the doors of all the neighbours in the apartment complex…. eeek!

Check out how to create one yourself!

Get Crafty! | May 2014

You know when you have an endless list of things to do? Well that’s me. What I find is that most of the things I have on my list are of the creative kind: make this, try your hands at that….

Okay I’ll admit it. I’m an online hoarder of inspirational DIYs and I don’t think it’s fair to keep all of the fantastical finds to myself. It’s high time that I share it with you guys!

Welcome to the first monthly edition of Get Crafty! A mix of various ideas to get your hands dirty and your mind explode with all the creative buzz that you feel when you simply make stuff.


1 | Knitted mittens and hand warmers

2 | Geometric earrings using polymer clay

3 | Grapefruit, mint & poppyseed soap bars

4 | Rose scented body scrub

5 | Bouquet of pom pom flowers

Have a great end to the week everyone!

I’ll be heading to a social baseball fans meet up after work with Gareth to play some ball. Um… this can only go one way… :|