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Simple Desktops

It’s come to my attention at work lately that I had never changed the wallpaper of my Macbook. Yep, it’s still that nebula-esque default wallpaper that appears in Lion OSX. I decided yesterday that it was time to take action and make my work environment just a itty bit prettier.

Some simple googling lead to this awesome resource that I hadn’t come across before, called Simple Desktops. Boring name I know, but a wickedly useful website. It’s kind of like Subtle Patterns but aimed at wallpapers, instead of website backgrounds. I’ve picked one out of the several ones that took my fancy and yes, it certainly does make me happier now, whenever I look at my computer screen (which is often) !

01. Day by Day / 02. Watermelon / 03. Basketball / 04. Kermit