Classic Comfort | 2

With this edition of Classic Comfort, I’ve taken inspiration from an upcoming holiday - we’re going to Tasmania in early April!

We’ll be spending a week hopping around Hobart, Launceston, Cradle Mountain and the east coast. Let me know if you have any tips to eat/see/do!


I found this this lovely villa in a town called Howden near Hobart. It’s got a classic country-house charm to it - I would love to stay there if I had the chance. Can you imagine lounging about, sipping cocktails and admiring the natural wonder?

Ballet flats are a girl’s best friend, so I’ll never miss a moment to recommend a pair! Like these dainty pale pink pale pink Sambag ones (6)? Yes please!

Pair them with this stunning lace shift dress (1) and I can imagine myself traipsing about, in and out, of this villa in style. It’s got a glamorous feel to it but looks comfy too. And mint green… enough said. Oh, if you leave the villa for a night out, don’t forget to bring a classic, simple clutch (5) to complete your look.

Detailed pearl studs (4) are a never-fail, and everyone knows that you can never go amiss with a leather notebook (7) in hand to jot down your dreams, ideas and thoughts. 

Everyone tells me that Tasmania is a bit chillier than Sydney, so I’d imagine that wouldn’t go out too often without a scarf, just in case! Luckily Temperley London printed scarves, like this one (3) are on sale right now. They are seriously amazing. There was a moment whilst I was putting this post together, where where I almost decided this scarf for myself, until I realised that I did just recently spend quite a bit on candles…

Gascoigne & King soy candles to be exact, like this one called Belle (2): a combination of green leafy notes, geranium, spearmint and bergamot with a crisp citrus finish. My splurge for the month done, you should try it too!

Classic Comfort is a column that features a handpicked collection of classic casual wear, influenced by beautiful hotels in wondrous cities around the globe - see them all!

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Classic Comfort | 1


I can’t believe this has been on my backlog for so long, probably since mid-last year? I’ve been wanting to start doing a casual style column but having not quite nailed what I wanted it to be (I wanted to spruce up the typical style collage post) and a lack of time, the idea had been left to the side. Until now!

Wanderlust. One of my favourite words and something I have - all the time. I love every aspect of travelling (except perhaps going through customs), so when the lightbulb moment appeared - mixing the idea of travelling as the inspiration source for style - everything clicked into place.

I bring you the first edition of Classic Comfort - a handpicked collection of classic casual wear, influenced by beautiful hotels in wondrous cities around the globe. 

Pietre e Mare is a romantic thirty-room hideaway on Mykonos’ secluded southeast coast, open seasonally May - October. I’ve never visited Greece and it’s really high on my hit list, so this would be absolutely amazing. Look how beautiful the view is!

I love the white/blue contrast that appears so often in images of Greece. So a touch of white (1) in this collection is a must have, paired with some beautifully patterned silk pants (4)

Remember you should always stay classy and protected under the heat: these slick shades (3), this neutral floppy hat (2) and matte SPF 30 (7) will do the trick!

Meanwhile, can you believe I’ve never owned a bright and colourful beach towel (6)?? My mum always used to give me second-rate bath towels when I went to the beach. Make sure you don’t make the same mistake. Yellow is a mood brightener!

Finally, if you have pierced ears, these chandelier ones (5) are really pretty and would make any outfit!

I really hope you guys like this new column?

It was fun for me - kind of like making collages from my junior days all over again - but using Illustrator and a trackpad instead of scissors and glue! Fashion used to be my one big love growing up so getting a little bit back into it is refreshing.

This is the first post so I guess it’s a bit experimental. I’d be so grateful if you could leave some feedback, let me know what you think of it - the good and bad!

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Floral Fascinator DIY


You know how much I love flowers so it probably comes to no surprise that for the recent Melbourne Cup event, I made my own fascinator headpiece featuring some paper flowers.

Seriously, any opportunity to craft up some flowers by hand - I’ll take it!

I’m very fond of the crocus, it’s a very elegant, typically purple flower so I used that as the centrepiece. Making paper flowers is such a soothing process, you can pretty much make anything so long as you have the right materials to create the look that you’re after. And the best thing? They last so much longer than real flowers and you’re guaranteed no bugs of any kind.

Just make sure you have the key supplies - paper, glue gun, scissors and of course a hair piece you can glue everything onto.


I’ve also previously blogged about how to make some crepe paper tulips, so feel free to go crazy for your next event and stick some florals into your hair. You’ll feel like a modern day hippie!

Here’s this year’s outfit for my work’s Melbourne Cup cruise: a peach leaf-embroidered dress from a boutique in Parramatta, vintage black purse from my mother, black Topshop heels and my floral fascinator!


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High / Low: Chambray Shirt

Have you ever combed through your wardrobe and realised that over the years, you’ve amassed a sort of mini collection of a particular item? I noticed earlier this year that I have a thing for shirts…

Casual shirts with a funky print are just my cup of tea. Other than shirts, I also have a tendency for blue tones. So mixing both of these together… chambray shirts are one of my best friends in the wardrobe! 

I only own one of these babies, a Dr Denim one that’s extra long but uber soft. Pair it down with shorts or leggings (only if the shirt surpasses your bum) and canvas shoes, or dress it up with nice black skinny jeans and sparkly gold shoes. Even if you don’t put too much into throwing an outfit together with a chambray shirt, you’ll still probably manage to pull of a relaxed hipster look, so it’s a win-win-win I say!

How many shirts do you own?

If you know where to purchase a great chambray one, I’d love to hear it!


(1) Annabel Chambray Shirt by Anthropologie $88

(2) Keeper Chambray Shirt $78

(3) Moto Blue Oxford Denim Shirt by Topshop ~$52 (£32)