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I haven’t been this ecstatic about a plant since my first ever tulip bloomed last year. But that’s been trumped!

I have no words for this magnificent iris. You know that I would be a terrible person if I didn’t share its beauty with you all. It was obvious, I had to feature it in an edition of Micro / Macro.  


Genus: Iris | Family: Iridaceae

It turns out that this dwarf iris variety is native to Russia, the Caucasus and northern Iran - thanks Wikipedia! It always amazes me how flowers from faraway lands manage to travel, survive and flourish in so many places around the world over time.

During my obsessive winter bulb shopping earlier this year, I knew I just had to grow something that was of a blue/purple shade this time around. They are my favourite colours after all! So when my little sister picked out this lucky one from the catalogue, I knew it was it.

Last week was when I first noticed that it was blooming and boy is it a beauty! The blue/purple tones are so rich and vivid, plus the contrast with that yellow stripe… isn’t it exotic? They really make it hard to miss. The funniest thing is that I had no idea how small it was going to be when I purchased it. It’s tiny! Can you believe they’re only the height of my hand?!


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First Bloom

Wowee… I’ve been so inundated with work and life, that it’s been quite difficult to find the time and energy to blog as of late, but I’m still here!

There’s a heap of things I want to share and blog about but before I get to them proper, I wanted to pop in to say hello and give a quick update on what makes me super excited every morning.

My balcony garden and the hope that something magic has happened overnight.

Like a new flower blooming. A seed sprouting. A vegetable growing. The littlest things, but the most incredible.

True story: I’ve been trying to grow anemones and ranunculi for what seems like forever and haven’t been successful in producing any blooms for many months now.

I nearly gave up. Sure I’ve got leaves and foliage in abundance but not a single bloom! That is… up until this morning. I present to you the first bloom!!

Gardening lesson of the year? Patience and persistence does pay off!

Pray tell, what have you been growing? And what gets you excited first thing in the morning?

Blue Mountains: Flower Power

// This post first appeared on Les Deux - my previous blog //

On the final day of our recent Blue Mountains trip, we visited the Botanic Gardens in Mount Tomah on the way back to Sydney which was AMAZING to say the least! My opinion here is probably quite biased given the fact that (a) I love flowers, (b) I love taking photos, and above all (c) I LOVE taking photos of flowers.

We spent about 2-3hrs here including eating lunch at the café which had delicious food but awfully slow service. Anyway words here definitely don’t do the flowers justice, so I’ll keep it short and snappy.

Enjoy the photos, hopefully just as much as I had a blast taking them. This is the last edition of the Blue Mountains trip - next up I’ll finally blog about the week that was San Francisco!