Breathing in the sunshine


The sun is pretty amazing it? You know that wonderful feeling when you’re just lying out on a patch of grass and the warmth just pours all over your body?

It’s nature at its finest. The sunshine, the grass, the silence, the fresh air… Natural perfection.

Now imagine all this, but instead of you just lying there on the grass, you’re in downward dog with a few hundred other people around you.

That was the scene last Sunday at the Wanderlust festival and it was incredible being a part of it.

I never wake up early on Sundays but there I was, at 8.35am in the Sydney CBD, getting ready and walking up to the Domain. Oh and I was super early, I even did a double take at the clock at one point (i.e this NEVER happens, I’m usually late).

From 9.30am, I spent the next 90 minutes just flowing under the beautiful sunshine, under the guidance of the amazing Tiffany Cruikshank.

Truthfully, I haven’t always been a yoga believer or lover. In fact, my relationship only begun in 2011, when I joined Virgin Active gym. I tried out a yoga class there and I was blown away by how challenging it was and how it made me feel: completely at peace with my mind. This was a foreign but wonderful feeling. Since that moment, I took up yoga semi-regularly with some breaks in between.

Last year however, was a terrible year of practise for me (or largely lack thereof). It was early this year when I was undertaking my yearly ritual of reflecting and setting new goals and resolutions, that I realised that I had to build the habit back in.

And last Sunday at Wanderlust was the first time I’d ever practised yoga outside of a room. I didn’t expect it to be much different… oh but it was!

Moving, resting and breathing whilst the sun washes over you… the sound, or rather silence of nature as background “noise”… I’d never experienced a yoga session that made me feel more alive. It was incredibly and now I can’t wait to do it again in the open.

It made me realise: what’s something that you usually do indoors, that you could also try and do outdoors? I encourage you to give it a try. Perhaps you can go outside one morning, find a peaceful spot and draw there, knit there, read there, practise yoga there, write there… the possibilities are endless. The sun, fresh air and morning light truly do wonders to the most standard of rituals. You’d be surprised - like I was!

On a related note, if you haven’t given yoga a try yet in your lifetime, I dare you to try it. Seriously, just do it. At the end of the day, what have you got to fear or lose, right? And seriously, this is coming from a former anti-yoga-believer of 23 years! 

Namaste and enjoy the sunshine!

Photo credit: Unsplash

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Nature Captured by VSco

parramatta lake

Life has amped up spectacularly the past several weeks and looking at the date right now… wow, it’s practically the middle of the year… already. Is it just me or is time flying faster as you grow older?? 

Weekends are flying by as I’ve been upping my time spent “socialising in-person”, to enjoy life more. Gareth often complains that I spend too much time holed up in front of a screen, so I put a plan into action where we organise at least two outdoor adventures per month!

This past week has been a superb example of doing just that, which included a visit to Parramatta Lake which features several walking/bike tracks. It turned out to be a great spot to hang, sort of like a small taste of the Blue Mountains scenery. On a social side note, we also went to see The Rubens in concert at the Enmore and they were fantastic live!   

But getting back to nature…. I’m a big fan of Instagram but I much prefer using VSco (Visual Supply Co) who have their own mobile app called VSco Cam to edit photos. They often produce that dreamy, faded look and the app provides you with plenty of ways to tweak it the way you want. The norm for me these days is to snap and edit via VSco and then from there, send to Instagram to upload and share. 

All these photos were taken using VSco in the past month: the first above and second below were of the scenery at Parramatta Lake; the flowers from a corner store at Katoomba and the last one featuring seeds sprouting taken from my balcony garden.

Let’s hope this coming month becomes easier to bear, but just as exciting!

If you have any suggestions of things to do on weekends, I’d love to hear about them to get more ideas :)

parramatta lake


seeds gardening

Blue Mountains: Flower Power

// This post first appeared on Les Deux - my previous blog //

On the final day of our recent Blue Mountains trip, we visited the Botanic Gardens in Mount Tomah on the way back to Sydney which was AMAZING to say the least! My opinion here is probably quite biased given the fact that (a) I love flowers, (b) I love taking photos, and above all (c) I LOVE taking photos of flowers.

We spent about 2-3hrs here including eating lunch at the café which had delicious food but awfully slow service. Anyway words here definitely don’t do the flowers justice, so I’ll keep it short and snappy.

Enjoy the photos, hopefully just as much as I had a blast taking them. This is the last edition of the Blue Mountains trip - next up I’ll finally blog about the week that was San Francisco!