High / Low: Sweet Shades


raen sunglasses by alex knost

Over the past month, I’ve been on the ridiculously painful hunt for some sweet shades to replace my current ASOS ones that are dying (read: paint chipping off).

I’ve never had a great relationship with sunglasses and having big nose certainly doesn’t make it easier! As I was telling a friend at work, I used to throw out the big bucks to get my hands on shiny high end designer offerings like Versace and Burberry. But now I’m over this silly craze and have been looking for more affordable, yet awesome sunnies!

Luckily, I’ve managed to find my perfect pair on my third attempt - third time lucky, right? A brand that’s new to me too, RAEN is an edgy Californian creation since 2008, influenced by the surf and street. It brings me back memories of my tomboy-ish fashion roots of adolescent times, neat! Their shades are definitely a bar cooler than me back in the 90s and after a quick trawl through their collection online, I think they’ve just become my new favourite go to brand for sunnies!

The pair I picked is Flowers by Alex Knost (from The Iconic) and I was absolutely thrilled by the quality. It came in a super sturdy brown leather case too, which you can get kind of see a peek of in the background of my photos.

Sunglasses are no easy feat to shop for online, I seriously think I got lucky this time. And if RAEN sunglasses can fit me well, then they can probably fit most people (seriously). I’ve scooped up three sunnies here, from a high, mid and low price range that took my fancy during my recent hunt - hope you enjoy them!

raen sunglasses by alex knost

(1) The Number One by Karen Walker $267.28

(2) Flowers by Alex Knost by RAEN $189.95

(3) Black Gold Collection by Unity Eyewear $29.95