The Path to Happiness

Many people seek happiness every day, but it is often hard to find. They feel like happiness is possible if their circumstances were different. Do you remember feeling like this?

We get so caught up in the “if and else” that we often forget to take action. I wish my husband was more kind to me. I would be a better worker. It would be great if the children were all grown up and out of the home. You could go on.

It is easy to spend so much time imagining what if and else. Many people fall for this trap and become miserable throughout their lives.

They are seeking happiness, but that is the problem. It’s as if happiness could be obtained. It seems that happiness is fleeting, and it soon passes.

Many people mistakenly believe that happiness is a passing emotion. I want to remind you that happiness can not be described as a feeling. It can be a way of living. If you are willing to follow some simple principles, happiness can be yours every day.

First, live in the NOW. Yesterday is over, and tomorrow is not promised so be present in the moment.

Second, control what you think and how it affects your life. Happiness can also be described as a state or mental state. The key to happiness is getting your mind in the right place.

If I’m a Texas resident and want to move to California, I will need to change the state. To be able to move to that state, I must make some changes. This is how we’ll use the analogy of a train. We will reach our destination if the train is going in the right direction. It is important to know which train you are on. Otherwise, we might end up in a place we don’t want.

This train is your thoughts. Your train of thought. You don’t want to remain in Texas so you need to change your train of thought. You will never reach your destination if you allow any thought to enter your head.

So, how do you get on the right train?

Gratitude is the key to getting on the right train. Gratitude is a mindset. When we focus on all the things we are grateful for, instead of dwelling on our problems, we’ll find that we can also be transported to the place we want to be.

There is a path to happiness, and it is gratitude.